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ENC Protection isn’t just a security provider, we’re your collaborative partner. We understand your unique needs, tailor solutions, and prioritize open communication. Together, we build relationships that ensure your safety and satisfaction.

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Don’t leave security to chance. ENC Protection is your partner in protecting what matters most. Our expert team specializes in threat assessment, training, and mitigation, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation.


From executive protection to bodyguard services, our security solutions are designed for your peace of mind.


Private Investigation

Discrete, efficient Private Investigation for a wide range of Criminal and Domestic matters including Divorce, Infidelity, Financial Crimes, and Workmans' Compensation.

Threat Assessment & Mitigation

We specialize in advanced threat assessments, including active shooter scenarios, to keep you safe in any situation.



Our training programs, both armed and unarmed, are crafted to produce top-tier security professionals.


Event Staffing

Expert event staffing services to ensure the security and smooth running of your events.

Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Safeguarding individuals in high-risk scenarios, our Executive Protection service offers discreet, personalized security by highly trained professionals.

What Sets Us Apart


Our unique, client-focused approach ensures tailor-made security solutions for every individual need.


Our impressive 100% client retention rate speaks volumes about our commitment to trust and reliability.


From private investigations to advanced security training, our services are continually expanding to cover all aspects of security and protection.


Our service pricing considers various factors such as hours needed, location, specific duties (armed or unarmed), and other relevant elements. We're happy to discuss your requirements and assist in creating a customized plan with associated costs.

Yes, we hold licenses for Private Investigation, Security Guard and Patrol, and Executive Protection services in North Carolina, issued by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board (NC PPSB). Our employees undergo State and Federal background checks and receive extensive mandated training. Moreover, they are stationed with corporate liability, automobile, and workers' compensation insurance policies, surpassing all state requirements for client protection.

Absolutely. Our security officers are outfitted in either Class “A” or Class “B” uniforms, clearly denoting their role as security personnel. They carry state-issued identification cards, company-issued IDs, and some patrol in marked security vehicles. We prioritize visible presence to deter potential threats effectively.

Executive Protection, also known as Close Personal Protection, goes beyond traditional bodyguarding. It involves skilled agents who minimize risks to individuals and families with elevated safety concerns due to various factors. While similar in protecting clients from physical threats, Executive Protection focuses on proactive risk mitigation, unlike reactive bodyguarding.

There is a common misconception that the only people who need Executive Protection are those with celebrity status. In reality, the people who need these types of heightened security measures extend far past Hollywood actors or chart-topping artists.


Anyone who is classified as ‘vulnerable’ due to their status, is a good fit for needing Executive Protection. This includes politicians or those with governmental influence, wealthy business professionals with high net worth, industry leaders with access to trade secrets, and high-profile individuals or families that attract unwanted attention.


The list below is a full outline of individuals who might require Executive Protection:


Political figures

Executives and CEOs



Professional athletes

Musicians and performers

Wealthy individuals

Very Important People (VIPs)

Our network of Private Investigators handles a wide array of services, including Domestic Investigations (divorce, child custody, infidelity), Criminal Defense, Missing Persons, Workers' Compensation, Process Services, Asset Location, Surveillance, GPS Tracking, Financial Crimes, Fraud, Threat Assessment Mitigation, Computer Forensics, Witness Interviews, Video Surveillance, Behavioral Threat Assessments, and more.

Since each case is unique, we require a client meeting to discuss all case details. This allows us to tailor an appropriate approach and provide a customized plan of action with associated costs. We offer free consultations to ensure transparency and deliver exceptional services without unnecessary fees.